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Based out of Provo, Utah, Enlite is a proven solar summer program that elevates select representatives from good to great. We take pride in contributing to each of our rep's holistic success through generosity and integrity.

With our year round trainings, preseason trips, and one on one meetings, we have confidence that all of our sales reps will be successful if they dedicate themselves to the program and utilize the resources that Enlite provides. Our averages for summer 2020 speak for itself at $53K for a first year rookie.

We know this is the way summer sales was always meant to be, and Enlite is dedicated to changing the culture of the door to door industry forever.

Welcome to The Solar Summer. 

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Cut your customer's electricity bill by 40% instantly at no upfront cost. Get rid of PG&E tiers and time of use rates by going solar. 



Help people become more comfortable in their own home by simplifying their bill. No more waiting until after 8 PM to turn on the air conditioning or do the laundry. There is no need to fear your bill in the mail each month.  

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Long-term savings

Long-term savings is the number one reason people go solar. Utility rates have a history of increasing up to 10% each year. Locking in a fixed KWh rate will save your customers thousands over the next 25 years. 


Go green

Do your part to help the planet! The more homes that switch to renewable energy, the greater the impact on our Mother Earth. Your customers will pay $0 to do something good. 


We hear you. The days of pest control and alarms are over. Find more success for your summer by selling a product and service you can actually get behind. Focus on building real relationships with people and help them save money now and for years to come. Don't sacrifice your integrity to make money this summer, this is different. 

A power purchase agreement between energy producers and homeowners. Homeowners can switch to solar at $0 down and purchase electricity produced by panels. This cuts homeowner's monthly bill by 40% or more and gives the opportunity to lock in the same rate for 25 years. Selling for Enlite means you aren't selling anything, just helping people go solar, save them money, and make the planet a greener place.  

What is a PPA?


The culture



This is

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After years in the door to door industry, the founders of Enlite became unhappy with the culture of summer sales. There was a real need for a company that would be transparent with their reps while also supporting their values. Enlite takes pride in creating and maintaining a company culture that is based on integrity and hard work. Our experience proves that the money is sure to follow those who prioritize these values. Enlite strives to give all of our reps a life-changing opportunity to make money, perfect sales skills, and have a memorable summer. 



Become part of a booming industry and set yourself up for financial success. Enlite has one of the highest averages in the industry at $53K for a first year rep.



Put money back in your customer's pocket and feel confident that you are giving them a high quality product you can honorably stand by.



Learn real sales skills that translate into life. Enlite gives you the opportunity to capitalize on your strengths and become an effective leader.



Don't sell your values, use your values to sell. Join some of the most outstanding sales reps in the industry without compromising what you stand for.



Take a trip out to where you will be selling and get hands on training with some of the best solar sales representatives in the industry. Get face time with real customers and learn the name of the game before you even begin your own solar summer. 


The preseason

Receive one on one training during the summer straight from executives and assigned district and area managers. Small offices, effective leadership, and unlimited resources. Enlite is ready to help those who are willing to learn.

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The summer

Attend weekly trainings at The Flip, our office space located in Provo, Utah. Here, we break down all parts of the pitch and the close, and master it by educating and role playing. Learn the lingo, develop crucial sales skills, and feel ready to knock that first door. 


The postseason

Enlite Cares
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At Enlite, we understand that the more we give, the more we receive. Enlite Cares emphasizes the culture of our company and gives our sales reps an opportunity to make a real difference. We have partnered with Mi Gran Esperanza, a non-profit children's hospital in the heart of Guadalajara, Mexico, to provide cancer treatments for less fortunate children and aid for their families. Check out the video below for more information and a recap of our 2020 trip.


dollars donated to
Mi Gran Esperanza by reps in 2022 alone


children at Mi Gran Esperanza who received cancer treatments provided by Enlite Cares.

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you are the change


years that Enlite Cares has
been proudly supporting
families at Mi Gran Esperanza

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