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Door Pitch


How's it going, I'm just stopping by to follow up with the net metering program. It has to do with the smart meter PGE put out here about 5/6 years ago, did you guys own the home back when they did that? (yes or no, doesn't matter)


Cool, well they did it to track your power usage since they were put under a mandate to produce a certain amount of power in state, and they aren't reaching that goal. Thats why I’m here!


California has allowed some alternative power companies to come in and help PGE reach those goals. Im sure you’re well aware of the issues they’ve been having. Now the reason it's important is because these other companies are charging 30-40% less than PGE. Rates are similar to SMUD in Sacramento (pull out your slick or iPad) So, rather than being charged on a tiered rate, where the more you use the more you pay, you can get put on a flat rate for ALL your power. The great thing is, that flat rate comes back even lower than the first tier with PGE.


In the past, you only had two options -  put up with PGE and their monopoly - or go out and buy solar. That didn’t work out for everyone since it was either too expensive, they didn’t use “enough” power, or they didn't plan on staying in the home very long. What's happening now is a lot different…


California has partnered with a few of the larger, more reputable solar companies to come in and keep strictly a utility based relationship with homeowners. No more buying solar, taking out loans, or worrying about sticking around to see your return. The solar company will build you a system at no cost and just provide you cleaner, cheaper power…


I’m not here looking to sign you up, I just look for interest and run the numbers so you can see exactly how much you would be saving. Do you still get your bills in the mail or do you do everything online?

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